Amie Sultan is an Egyptian dancer, ballerina and actress. She began her career as a classical ballerina dancing lead roles in ballets such as SwanLake, La Bayadere, Don Quixote, and many others. After attending Cairo American College in Egypt, she went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Rhodec Institute. While on tour in 2014, she discovered her love for Egyptian dance and music. She retired from the ballet to pursue a revival and rejuvenation of the Egyptian dance. She believes in dance and music as a heritage art and an expression of civilization, and was successful to convey that message via several interviews with local and international media outlets. With Vice, she made a video titled “How to treat a Belly dancer by a Bellydancer” which garnered international attention. She was selected by CNN to present a segment of Cairo POV, a special which was produced in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism to promote famous heritage sites in Cairo. Amie was interviewed by Bloomberg, BBC Africa, The Guardian, BBC Arabic, CNN, Deutsche Welle, ARD German Channel, The New York Times, Associated Press, CBC Canada, Cairo Scene, Enigma, Egypt Today, and Elle Arabia among many others. Since her debut, Amie made a name for herself as Egypt’s most sought after and highest paid dancer at events and weddings of the elite both locally and internationally. She has performed for dignitaries in France, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Dubai, Lebanon, Jordan, and continues to perform live with her 15 membered orchestra to the tunes of Oum Kalthoum, Abd el Halim Hafez, Abd el Wahab and many other arrangements rooted in Egyptian Folklore. Her latest endeavor was her production of The Golden Age of Egyptian Cinema Tribute, a theatrical spectacle that premiered at the closing of Gouna International Film Festival 2021. The spectacle is the first of it’s kind in the Middle East bringing Egyptian dance to the stage with a live classical and traditional orchestra, backup dancers, stage projections and stage direction. The show is now preparing for it’s first tour.